About Us

In today's world economy, the economic wealth and power of nations is measured by the effectiveness and competitiveness of international trade and international financial markets. In the presence of economic and political integrations and globalization, foreign trade and especially financing issues emerge as new areas of attraction in the world of business and academia.

Qualified human resources in the field of international trade and finance will always be a bigger necessity in the present and future.

İzmir University of Economics, adopted the slogan of "Managing the future ..." for its education and training activities. Hence, the University has founded the Department of International Trade and Finance within the Faculty of Business on the basis of developments in the circumstances of national and international businesses. Graduates will acquire a profession that will help them to assess new global opportunities and apply their knowledge to put them a step forward in the global competition. 

Department’s undergraduate program is aimed to train specialists who will be equipped with the up-to-date and latest knowledge on the topics of international trade and finance, which are based on new developments and applications in the world, especially in our country.

The most important feature of this program is the interdisciplinary arrangement of international trade and finance topics, which are generally within the direct or indirect interest of the economics and management sciences.

In this respect, graduates are taught to be both a good economist who can interpret and analyse both macro and micro economic events, as well as proficient in international management.

The courses in the department’s undergraduate program are designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the fundamental areas of general management and its subdivisions (management, marketing, accounting, etc.) and on the other hand the fundamental areas of general economics and its subdivisions (macro, micro, international economics, growth, development etc.).

Some specialization courses in the program have been included in an international trade and finance degree program for the first time; by taking into account the latest developments and effective methods in the digital economy and in globalizing markets (i.e. e-commerce).

Emphasis is given, particularly to the applied aspects of departmental courses. Taught courses take into consideration practical information and applications in order for graduates to be successful in business life and adapt it easily.

In addition to the education given in English language and with the advantage of the second foreign language given, department graduates will increase their chances of finding a job as specialists in the export and import departments and finance departments of national and international companies, banks in the external transactions and fund management units, as well as fund and portfolio managers in national and international money and capital markets. At the same time, they can be employed in the relevant public institutions (i.e. Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and Treasury) as specialists. Department’s graduates also have the right to participate in all occupational competition exams that graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences can enter.

Associate Professor Gülin VARDAR
Head of Department