About Us

İzmir University of Economics, founded in 2001 with a mission of educating entrepreneurs and critical thinkers equipped with leadership skills and contributing science through original researches. It is the first foundation University of İzmir and the Aegean Region. Having adopted the slogan of "Managing the Future ..." from beginning, the university has understood the importance of the international trade and finance sector and realized it by opening the "International Trade and Finance" Department in 2002 within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and started accepting its first students. Since 2002, with a proficient academic staff, we have put an effort to adapt to developments and advances in the world, with applied activities and collaborations and have graduated many students till this day.

The feedback we have received from our students and our graduates have already helped us to develop ourselves as a department and is always encouraging us to be one step ahead.

Below, we present you, shared thoughts and the feedbacks we received from our graduates and current students.

These feedbacks are very pleasing for us, but they provide guidance on how far we can reach our goals.

In today's world, trade battles on the one hand, currency wars on the other, with increasingly complex financial markets, institutions and tools will occupy the agenda for a long time as the most important issues in the coming years.

The new name of the global game is "Trade and Finance". If you are prepared to walk with us on this road, we are waiting for you.


Department of International Trade and Finance Student Alessandro Cadamuro